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Bulgaria Casino Guide

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Bulgaria is a country that has made strides to cement how it feels about online gambling in the last decade. Unlike some of its neighbouring Eastern European countries, Bulgaria has long permitted its nationals and citizens the right to gamble in some way, shape or form. We’re going to track the many options open to Bulgarians on this page.

We will explain the gambling laws in the country, we’ll look at what you can (and cannot) bet on, and we’ll discuss the difference between Bulgarian-licensed casinos and those licensed elsewhere that merely cater to Bulgarians. Let’s dive straight in by explaining the EU country’s stance when it comes to a myriad of gambling options.

Bulgaria’s Gambling Laws and Regulations

Bulgaria first legalised gambling back in 1957. Throughout that time, local establishments catered to Bulgaria’s seven million population, but understandably, it was hardly a hotbed for gambling. Online gambling was largely unregulated (though not illegal) until 2012. Being an EU member, Bulgaria adopted the EU’s gambling laws and its directives in 2008. For the following four years, Bulgaria tolerated offshore (other EU) betting sites catering to its players.

This changed in 2012. Bulgaria adopted its own regulation and gambling legislation, with a new Gambling Act of 2012 coming into place. This formally legalised all forms of internet betting, assuming operators obtained a gambling license from the Bulgarian authorities, much like their counterparts have had to do.

The new laws in 2012 also did something else – they made it illegal for offshore operators to cater to Bulgarians. An active blacklist was started that year, and today it now encompasses over eight hundred betting sites. The country’s internet service providers are tasked with maintaining the blacklist and blocking access to those sites – even other EU portals can be blacklisted, much to the annoyance of the European Union. A decent VPN is often enough to circumvent the rather flimsy ISP blocks, and there are no punishments in place for Bulgarians who visit these offshore sites. However, with enough licensed and regulated casinos to choose from, there is little need to visit many of these casinos.

Who Regulates and Licenses Bulgarian Casino Sites?

The Gambling Act of 2012 sets out the terms for which an operator can legally offer their services to Bulgarians. The operator must apply for a license from the Bulgarian gambling authorities. That license costs €50,000. There is also a tax of 20% on all gross gambling revenue earned from Bulgarian players.

Initially, the Bulgarian government wanted to implement a rule which stated that only Bulgarian operators could obtain a license. That was changed when they realised that not enough revenue would come their way. Bulgaria began offering licenses to offshore operators, assuming they would still be regulated by the Bulgarian authorities and paid a license fee. However, the high license fees and taxes put off foreign operators.

Realising their errors, the Bulgarian authorities then lowered the tax rate to 20% and the cost of a license. This has seen the larger operators move into the Bulgarian market, but it is still a sector that lacks some of the major competition you would typically find in larger EU countries.

In 2021, the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency took over from the failed State Commission on Gambling. A corruption scandal put paid to the former. The new licensing body is run independently from any Bulgarian casinos and slot halls, which were linked to the Gambling Commission leaders, and widely thought to be complicit in corruption. Since the switch, the Bulgarian online gambling market is deemed fairer and more trustworthy. It has also begun to open to more foreign operators. Current gambling licenses are issued for five-year periods.

Bulgaria’s Most Popular Gambling Games

Bulgaria’s National Lottery (run by National Lottery Bulgaria) has a large following. Sports betting, particularly on football, is also popular in the country. Of all the types of games you can play in Bulgarian casinos, slots tend to be the most popular. Roulette is the most popular table game, and you can find ample options for both in Bulgarian licensed online casinos.

Casino Technology is arguably the most famous software provider hailing from Bulgaria. Formerly known as Megajack, they began life in 1999 and provide video slots and table games to Bulgarian licensed casinos. You can, of course, find titles from other top-tier foreign software developers, too.

Who Can Play?

Bulgarian online casinos appear in two forms – those licensed in Bulgaria and offshore casinos catering to Bulgarians. The latter are often blacklisted, so Bulgarians may need a VPN to access them. Of course, all the licensed and regulated sites under the watchful eye of the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency are tailor-made for players in the Eastern European country.

It is worth noting that Bulgaria doesn’t mind if players in other EU countries play at their licensed casinos.

Many of the top-tier operators will provide multilingual services to help those players, too. However, sites run by Bulgarian operators and businesses are most likely only going to offer their services in Bulgarian, limiting the appeal of these sites to those living outside the country.

Bulgaria Online Casino Payment Options

Online casinos offer a wide range of payment methods to cater to the needs of players in Bulgaria. Here are the common payment methods used exclusively by Bulgarian players, grouped into categories:

Credit / Debit Cards:

  • Visa: Widely accepted in online casinos, Visa credit and debit cards offer secure and quick transactions for Bulgarian players.
  • MasterCard: Another popular option, MasterCard credit and debit cards are also accepted at most online casinos, providing a trusted and efficient payment method.

Local Bank Transfers:

  • B-Pay: A popular online payment system in Bulgaria, B-Pay allows users to transfer funds directly from their bank account to their online casino account. This method is secure, fast, and easy to use.
  • Easypay: A widely-used payment system in Bulgaria, Easypay allows users to make payments to online casinos via their local bank accounts. This payment method is also secure and convenient.


  • ePay.bg: A popular Bulgarian e-wallet, ePay.bg enables users to make payments and transfer funds to and from their online casino accounts. The service is secure, user-friendly, and widely accepted by Bulgarian online casinos.
  • MyPos: A European e-wallet service that is also popular in Bulgaria, MyPos offers secure, fast, and easy transactions to online casinos. Bulgarian players can fund their MyPos account using various methods and then use it to deposit and withdraw from their casino accounts.

Prepaid Cards / Vouchers:

  • EasyPay Cash Voucher: A popular prepaid option in Bulgaria, EasyPay Cash Vouchers can be purchased at many retail locations and used to deposit funds into an online casino account. This method provides an added layer of security and anonymity for Bulgarian players.
  • Paysafecard: Although not exclusive to Bulgaria, Paysafecard is widely used by Bulgarian players due to its security and convenience. This prepaid card can be purchased at local outlets and used to deposit funds at online casinos without the need to share personal banking information.

Mobile Payments:

  • MobiKwik: A mobile payment solution popular in Bulgaria, MobiKwik allows users to make payments to online casinos directly from their mobile devices. This method is secure, fast, and convenient for Bulgarian players.


  • Bitcoin: As a widely-accepted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin offers Bulgarian players a secure, anonymous, and fast payment method for online casino transactions. Many online casinos cater to Bitcoin users and provide exclusive bonuses and promotions.
  • Ethereum: Another popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum is also accepted by many online casinos in Bulgaria. It offers similar benefits to Bitcoin, including security, anonymity, and fast transaction times.

These payment methods are not restricted in Bulgaria and are commonly used by Bulgarian players at online casinos. Remember to double-check the specific online casino for their accepted payment methods and any potential restrictions before attempting to make a deposit or withdrawal.

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In this FAQ section, we will address the top 10 most common concerns and queries related to online gambling in Bulgaria. We aim to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and enjoy a safe and enjoyable online gambling experience in Bulgaria. Let’s dive in!

1. Is online gambling legal in Bulgaria?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Bulgaria. The country has a regulated online gambling market with licensing and regulation handled by the State Commission on Gambling (SCG). Operators must obtain a license from the SCG to offer their services to Bulgarian players. To learn more about licensing and regulations, visit our Licensing and Regulation category.

2. What payment methods are available for Bulgarian players?

Bulgarian players can choose from a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Popular options include Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and more. For a complete list of payment methods, visit our Payment Methods page.

3. Can I play casino games in Bulgarian Lev (BGN)?

Yes, many online casinos accept the Bulgarian Lev (BGN) as a currency option for deposits and withdrawals. Playing in your local currency can help you avoid currency conversion fees and better manage your bankroll. To find out more about different currencies and their benefits, visit our Depositing at Online Casinos category.

4. Are there any specific laws and regulations for online gambling in Bulgaria?

Yes, Bulgaria has specific laws and regulations in place to govern online gambling. The Gambling Act sets out the legal framework for online gambling, including licensing requirements, taxation, and player protection measures. For more information on Bulgarian gambling laws, check our Licensing and Regulation category.

5. Are there online casinos that offer Bulgarian language support?

Yes, several online casinos cater to Bulgarian players by providing Bulgarian language support. This can make your gambling experience more enjoyable and help you better understand the casino’s terms and conditions. To learn more about online casinos offering different language support, visit our Customer Support category.

6. Can I play live dealer games in Bulgaria?

Yes, Bulgarian players can enjoy live dealer games at many online casinos. Live dealer games offer an immersive experience, allowing you to interact with real dealers and other players in real-time. To learn more about live dealer games and their benefits, visit our Live Dealers page.

7. How can I ensure I am playing at a safe and secure online casino in Bulgaria?

To ensure you are playing at a safe and secure online casino in Bulgaria, make sure the casino is licensed and regulated by the State Commission on Gambling (SCG). Additionally, look for casinos that use SSL encryption, have transparent terms and conditions, and offer responsive customer support. For more tips onstaying safe and secure while gambling online, visit our Safety and Security category.

8. Are there any responsible gambling resources available for Bulgarian players?

Yes, there are responsible gambling resources available for Bulgarian players. These resources provide information, advice, and support for players who may be experiencing problem gambling or who wish to maintain control over their gambling habits. For more information on responsible gambling resources, visit our Responsible Gambling Advocacy category.

9. What kind of bonuses and promotions can I expect from online casinos in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian players can expect a variety of bonuses and promotions from online casinos, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback offers, and loyalty programs. These bonuses and promotions can enhance your gaming experience and provide additional value. For more information on bonuses and loyalty programs, visit our Bonuses and Loyalty Programs category.

10. Can I use cryptocurrencies for online gambling in Bulgaria?

Yes, some online casinos in Bulgaria accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as payment methods. Using cryptocurrencies can provide additional privacy, security, and faster transaction times. To learn more about cryptocurrencies and their use in online gambling, visit our Cryptocurrency and Blockchain category.


Online gambling in Bulgaria is an exciting and growing market, offering a wide range of opportunities for players. By staying informed about the legal landscape, payment options, safety measures, and responsible gambling resources, you can enjoy a fun and secure gambling experience. We hope this FAQ section has helped answer your questions and provided valuable information to enhance your online gambling journey in Bulgaria. For more in-depth guides and resources, explore the various categories and pages on our website.

2023-2024 Online Gambling News & Updates in Bulgaria

The latest news and developments in online gambling and online casinos in Bulgaria for 2023 and the upcoming year 2024 include several key points:

  • Increased Fees for Gambling Operators: Bulgaria has implemented a significant overhaul in the fee structure for gambling operators. The fees have been increased between two and four times, a measure intended to generate approximately BGN 200 million ($112.62 million) in additional revenue for the government. This change, part of the 2024 State Budget Law, has sparked mixed reactions, with some industry representatives expressing concerns​.
  • Regulatory Environment: Online gambling in Bulgaria is legal and regulated. The Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling (SCG) is responsible for the licensing and regulation of online casinos, ensuring adherence to strict standards of fairness, security, and transparency. Winnings from online casinos are subject to a 10% tax for Bulgarian residents on amounts above BGN 500​.
  • Popular Online Casino Games: Bulgarian players enjoy a range of online casino games, including slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, live dealer games, and sports betting. Many online casinos also offer varied options for poker games​.
  • Selection of Online Casinos: Bulgaria is noted for its liberal gambling laws and is considered a significant gambling hub in Europe. A variety of online casinos are available in the country, offering competitive tax rates and strong government support for gambling activities​.
  • Top Online Casinos and Gaming Websites: Several top-rated online casinos and gaming platforms are available in Bulgaria, offering a range of games, bonuses, and features. These platforms are regularly tested for fairness and are regulated by local or international authorities. They offer various payment options, including traditional methods and cryptocurrencies, and are known for their security and customer service​.

Overall, the online gambling landscape in Bulgaria is evolving, with the government taking steps to increase revenue from the industry while ensuring a regulated and fair environment for players. The variety of available games and the ease of access to online casinos contribute to the country’s growing reputation as a key player in the European online gambling market.