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The Dominican Republic has long made gambling a legal, everyday thing for its residents and citizens. The island, well, its half (it shares Hispaniola with Haiti), receives a considerable amount of revenue from gambling enterprises, with over thirty casinos and a dozen slot halls in operation. You’ll also come across online gambling options if you’re based in the Dominican Republic. Such a smorgasbord of options gives you all the tools you need to bet however you see fit. Let’s take a deeper look at the gambling scene in the Dominican Republic right here on this page.

Dominican Republic’s Gambling Laws and Regulations

As touched on above, the Dominican Republic has legalised online and offline gambling sectors.
Law 351 from 1967 has been amended a couple of times (most recently via amendment 24-98) and states that land-based casino gambling is legal in the country. A rule change effectively made it legal for residents to gamble, too, whereas previously, only foreigners had this option. However, any land-based venues offering gambling games in the Caribbean nation must be attached to hotel brands. This is a direct remnant of the “foreigners only” law from yesteryear.

Online gambling first became legal way back in 1998, making the Dominican Republic one of the very first countries in the world (save for nearby Antigua & Barbuda) to have a fully legal digital gambling sector. Until Amendment 24-98 (mentioned above) was passed, all forms of online gambling were legal, save for casinos. As you can imagine, that amendment (passed in 2006) effectively legalised online casinos, too.

The very first brand to go live in the digital sector was Amaya. At the time, Amaya effectively had a monopoly on most forms of gambling. Lotteries are the obvious exception. While the Dominican Republic’s online gambling sector has opened to a degree of late, it is still quite far from being the free market you’ll find in other countries. That said, offshore casinos are a possibility.
Officially, the Dominican Republic’s gambling laws state that foreign residents (i.e. – those without Dominican citizenship) can join any international (offshore) casino they see fit, while nationals can only play at Amaya-run betting sites. However, this isn’t enforced in any major way, so you are free to join our exciting array of offshore casinos catering to Dominicans right here.

Who Regulates and Licenses Dominican Casino Sites?

The Casino Department of the Ministry of Finance is the number one body when it comes to the regulation and licensing of online gambling sites – specifically casinos. Sports betting and lottery licenses are handled by the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Community Development. An online casino can only offer its services to Dominicans if it has received a license from one of these bodies.
However, as touched on above, international betting sites and casinos are not banned or blacklisted. They are open for business for foreigners living in the country. Technically, you aren’t supposed to play at those sites if you hold citizenship in the Dominican Republic, but with virtually nobody keeping tabs on that (and no punishment in place if you decide to have a stab at them), it’s technically a free-for-all for Dominicans.

Dominican Republic’s Most Popular Gambling Games

Slots and table games are the two most popular ways to bet in the Dominican Republic. Of course, as you’ve probably gathered thus far, Amaya has a large market share of all the games played at casinos licensed in the country. For the most part, these consist of non-progressive video slots, although RNG table games (not live dealer titles, unfortunately) also gain ground. Lottery and sports betting options are also popular, particularly when it comes to betting on football, but these aren’t found at online casinos, as they are run as a separate monopoly.
One of the world’s most recognisable casino software providers is licensed out of the Dominican Republic, and we’re sure that you know where we’re going with this. Yes, Amaya Gaming first received a gambling license in 2011, so you’ll naturally find an ample array of their games at online casinos licensed in the country. However, if Amaya’s titles don’t float your boat, you can also choose from various other casino software providers by heading to the many offshore casinos that cater to Dominican players.

Who Can Play?

Any player aged 18 or older who has citizenship in the Dominican Republic is invited to play at DR-licensed casinos. That said, players based offshore are often welcomed at these sites, too, which are known for accepting peso deposits using local payment options. Dominican-friendly support is also a perk. Gameplay, as you’d expect, is available in Spanish.
When you opt to play at offshore Dominican Republic casinos, gameplay may still be available in Spanish, but the US dollar will often be the currency of choice. These are seldom tailored to the 11.2m population, but they accept players all the same. You’ll find a decent selection of reputable offshore Dominican Republic casinos that have won our seal of approval right here.

Online Casino Payment Options

The online casino industry has seen significant growth in the Dominican Republic, and as a result, various payment methods have become available to cater to the needs of local players. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the most common payment methods used by Dominican players, categorized for your convenience. Please note that these payment methods are specific to players in the Dominican Republic and might not be applicable to other countries.

Credit / Debit Cards:

  • Visa: Visa is widely accepted as a payment method at most online casinos, making it a popular choice for players in the Dominican Republic. This global brand offers both credit and debit card options, which are secure, reliable, and provide fast transactions.
  • Mastercard: Another widely accepted credit and debit card option, Mastercard is trusted by millions of users worldwide. It offers a secure and efficient way to deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos for players in the Dominican Republic.


  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin has emerged as a popular choice for online gambling due to its decentralized nature, lower fees, and faster transactions. Many online casinos catering to Dominican players accept Bitcoin as a payment method, providing an added layer of privacy and security.
  • Ethereum: Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency accepted by some online casinos. It offers similar benefits as Bitcoin, such as fast transactions and lower fees, making it an attractive choice for Dominican players interested in using cryptocurrencies.

Local Payment Methods:

  • tPago: tPago is a mobile payment solution designed specifically for the Dominican Republic. It allows users to make transactions directly from their bank account or credit card, making it a convenient and secure option for online casino deposits and withdrawals.
  • Banco Popular Dominicano (BPD): BPD is a well-known bank in the Dominican Republic and offers online banking services. Some online casinos allow Dominican players to make direct deposits and withdrawals via BPD, providing a secure and efficient option for local players.
  • Banco de Reservas (Banreservas): Banreservas is another prominent bank in the Dominican Republic. Similar to BPD, some online casinos accept direct deposits and withdrawals through Banreservas, offering a familiar and trusted option for Dominican players.
  • Caribe Express: Caribe Express is a popular remittance service in the Dominican Republic. Some online casinos accept deposits and withdrawals through Caribe Express, making it a convenient choice for players who prefer to use remittance services for their transactions.


  • Skrill: Skrill is an internationally recognized eWallet that allows users to make online transactions quickly and securely. It’s accepted by many online casinos catering to Dominican players, providing an efficient way to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Neteller: Neteller is another popular eWallet option for Dominican players, offering a secure and efficient way to manage funds at online casinos. Neteller is widely accepted by various online casinos, making it a convenient choice for players in the Dominican Republic.

These are some of the most common payment methods used by online casino players in the Dominican Republic. It’s essential to check the specific online casino’s terms and conditions to ensure they accept your preferred payment method before signing up.

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1. Is online gambling legal in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, online gambling is legal in the Dominican Republic. The country has a regulated and licensed online gambling market, which is overseen by the Dominican Republic’s gaming authority. You can find more information about licensing and regulation in our licensing and regulation guide.

2. What are the most popular online casino games in the Dominican Republic?

In the Dominican Republic, players enjoy a wide variety of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. You can find more information about these games and their requirements in our casino games & requirements guide.

3. What payment methods are available for Dominican Republic players?

Dominican Republic players can use various payment methods for depositing and withdrawing at online casinos, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. For more information, check out our payment methods guide.

4. Can I play online casino games on my mobile device in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, many online casinos offer mobile-optimized websites or apps, allowing you to play your favorite casino games on smartphones and tablets. Learn more about mobile gaming in our mobile gaming guide.

5. Are online casino bonuses available for Dominican Republic players?

Yes, online casinos often offer bonuses and promotions to attract and retain players from the Dominican Republic. You can find more information about bonuses and loyalty programs in our bonuses and loyalty programs guide.

6. How can I ensure my personal information and transactions are secure at an online casino?

When choosing an online casino, look for casinos that use encryption technology and have a solid reputation for safety and security. We provide more information on this topic in our safety and security guide.

7. Are there any responsible gambling resources for Dominican Republic players?

Yes, there are responsible gambling resources available for players in the Dominican Republic. For more information on responsible gambling principles and advocacy, visit our responsible gambling principles guide and responsible gambling advocacy guide.

8. Do I have to pay taxes on my online gambling winnings in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, online gambling winnings are subject to taxes in the Dominican Republic. However, tax rates and requirements may vary depending on the type of gambling activity and the amount won. It is important to consult with a local tax professional or the Dominican Republic’s tax authority for specific information on taxation related to online gambling winnings.

9. Can I play live dealer games at online casinos in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, many online casinos offer live dealer games for players in the Dominican Republic. These games allow you to interact with real dealers and other players in real-time, providing an immersive casino experience. You can learn more about live dealer games in our live dealers guide.

10. What should I do if I encounter a problem with an online casino?

If you experience any issues with an online casino, you should first contact their customer support team. They can usually resolve most issues promptly. If the problem persists, you may need to escalate your concern to the casino’s licensing authority. For more information on how to handle such situations, consult our customer support guide.

2023-2024 Online Gambling News & Updates in Dominican Republik

The Dominican Republic has made significant strides in regulating its online gambling sector, marked by the issuance of Resolution 136-2024. This resolution introduces a comprehensive regulatory framework aimed at governing online gambling activities, ensuring that the industry operates within legal bounds. The Dirección de Casinos y Juegos de Azar oversees the licensing and regulation of both land-based and online casinos, emphasizing player protection and fair play. Despite these regulations, Dominican players are also allowed to gamble with foreign operators, expanding their options and access to various gaming platforms.

In a significant move to enhance market integrity, the Dominican Republic recently blacklisted 41 major online gambling brands, including Betway, Bet365, 888Sport, and William Hill. This action aims to eliminate unauthorized operators and ensure that all active gambling platforms adhere to the country’s stringent regulatory standards.

Market Trends and Player Preferences

The online gambling market in the Dominican Republic is diverse, encompassing various forms of betting, including sports betting, lotteries, and casino games. The market has been particularly receptive to technological advancements, with the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions gaining traction. This trend aligns with global movements towards secure and transparent digital transactions, benefiting both operators and players.

Dominican players have shown a strong preference for online slot machines, sports betting, and lotteries. Statistics from recent years indicate that local gamblers bet approximately $80,000 per hour on these activities, highlighting the market’s robustness. Moreover, the rise in mobile gaming has further propelled the industry’s growth, with an increasing number of players opting to gamble on their smartphones and tablets.

Financial Performance and Revenue

The Dominican Republic’s gambling industry has demonstrated resilience and growth, with gambling revenues steadily rising. In 2023, the country’s gambling revenue saw a substantial increase, reflecting the sector’s recovery and expansion post-pandemic. The revenue from sports wagering alone reached $49.1 million, underscoring the significant contribution of sports betting to the overall market.

The government’s taxation policies also play a crucial role in the industry’s financial dynamics. Operators are subject to a tax rate that was recently increased from 25% to 29%, a move that has sparked some controversy among industry stakeholders. Despite this, the tax burden remains on the operators, with players not required to pay taxes on their winnings.

Payment Methods and Security

Dominican online casinos offer a variety of secure payment methods to cater to their players. Popular options include credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), eWallets (PayPal and Skrill), bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Among these, PayPal is highly recommended due to its reputation for security and speedy transaction processing.

Future Outlook

The future of online gambling in the Dominican Republic looks promising, with continued regulatory advancements and market expansion expected. The government’s proactive stance on regulation aims to ensure a safe and fair gaming environment, which is likely to attract more players and operators to the market. Additionally, the increasing adoption of emerging technologies such as blockchain will further enhance the security and transparency of online gambling platforms.

Industry experts anticipate that the Dominican Republic will continue to be a leading gambling hub in the Caribbean, driven by its favorable legal framework and growing player base. The focus on player protection and market integrity will be crucial in sustaining this growth and maintaining the industry’s reputation.

In conclusion, the online gambling scene in the Dominican Republic is evolving rapidly, with significant regulatory developments, market trends, and financial growth shaping its future. The government’s efforts to regulate and tax the industry, coupled with technological advancements and diverse payment options, position the Dominican Republic as a key player in the global online gambling landscape.