Minesweeper XY

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Minesweeper XY is an online casino game developed by BGaming that is based on the classic Minesweeper game. It is typically played with cryptocurrency stakes and is available at many online casinos that offer BGaming titles.

The game features a minefield that is filled with hidden mines. The objective of the game is to clear the minefield without detonating any of the mines. Before the game begins, players must place their bets and choose the size of the minefield they want to play.

Once the bet is placed, the player must click on a square on the minefield to reveal what is underneath. The square will either reveal a number, which indicates how many mines are adjacent to that square, or a mine, which will detonate and end the game.

If the player is successful in clearing the minefield without detonating any mines, they win a prize. The size of the prize is determined by the amount of the bet and the odds offered by the casino.

One of the unique features of Minesweeper XY is that players can adjust the odds of the game. This means that they can increase or decrease their chances of winning, depending on their risk tolerance. The game also features a Turbo mode, which speeds up the gameplay for a faster and more exciting gaming experience.

Overall, Minesweeper XY is a fun and challenging game that offers players a chance to win prizes through a game of skill and strategy. So, head on over to a crypto casino and give Minesweeper XY a try today!

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