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Like most predominantly Muslim countries, betting in Indonesia (whether online or offline) is fraught with risk. Getting caught can be dangerous for players. Raids on land-based facilities and government blacklists blocking access to foreign casinos hardly make for the ideal environment in which to bet online. However, many Indonesians still manage to do so and are prepared to take the risk.

How are Indonesians finding ways to bet online in a country that strongly opposes gambling? Is it safe? Is the reward worth the risk? Find out as we explore Indonesia’s online gambling laws and explore the online casinos catering to players in the Asian island nation today.

Indonesia’s Gambling Laws and Regulations

Indonesia, as you are probably aware, is a predominantly Muslim country and one that utilises Sharia Law. Sharia decrees that all forms of gambling are addictive and “evil” and make people forget their responsibility to society. That might sound harsh, but it isn’t any different from many of Indonesia’s Middle Eastern neighbours’ take on gambling.

Because gambling is forbidden under Sharia (theological law), there isn’t really any need to have a secular one. Indonesia heavily enforces these laws, with police regularly raiding any land-based betting establishments and dishing out severe penalties to those that break them.

In a bid to stop gamblers from betting online (which Sharia considers just as bad), the Indonesian authorities have effectively ordered their ISPs (internet service providers) to blacklist as many gambling sites as they come across. Of course, while it is near-impossible to hit them all, it is a case of slim pickings for Indonesian players.

For those looking at other forms of gambling, the options are equally as bleak. Bingo, poker, and sports betting are illegal. Even lottery games are considered illegal, which puts Indonesia at odds with some of its fellow Muslim countries, as a handful of those have made exceptions for lottery and horse race betting. You’ve no such luck in this country, though.

Who Regulates and Licenses Indonesian Casino Sites?

Indonesia doesn’t permit gambling, so there is no licensing or regulatory body at work in the Asian country. While Indonesia actively punishes those caught guilty of offering land-based gambling games and, to some degree, those caught gambling in person, there aren’t any known cases of the country coming down hard on those caught betting online. However, given the no-nonsense nature and literal interpretation of Sharia, we would imagine that the penalties are the same, even if they aren’t always applied. Despite this, many millions of Indonesians still gamble.

Indonesia is a country of 255 million people, so understandably, it is a major market for online gambling operators. However, there is no clear way to get their feet in the door. Indonesians naturally need aids to gamble online. Given the difficulty in finding sites that aren’t blocked by ISPs, coupled with the dangers of being caught, it is understandable that many Indonesians choose to bet using VPNs (virtual private networks).

More recently, Indonesians have taken to using cryptocurrencies to bet online. This is far more difficult for the authorities to trace. We wouldn’t advise Indonesians to gamble, as we deem the risks associated with being caught far too great. However, if you’re going to do it anyway, using a VPN and cryptocurrencies to mask your location and provide anonymity to your financial transactions (both only to a degree) is a must.

Indonesia’s Most Popular Gambling Games

Well – this section will be short. There are none, not officially, anyway. Indonesians who do tend to bet online prefer poker and sports betting options to general casino games. There is some method in this, as poker and sports betting are deemed games of skill, not chance. Perhaps that makes them a touch more palatable to those with faith. Ultimately, there’s no real way of knowing why these games tend to be more popular with Indonesians – they just are.

Naturally, you can forget about finding Indonesian software companies providing online casino games to the masses, too. No Indonesian company (at least to our knowledge) offers such a service, and we didn’t find any instances of Indonesian companies offering gambling games at offshore, foreign casinos.

Who Can Play?

Despite the seeming lack of hope for Indonesian gamblers, there are still plenty of ways that they can gamble. Any casino (or sportsbook) they choose to play at must naturally be based offshore in a foreign country. Furthermore, they must also permit VPN betting, as few Indonesians are prepared to gamble without at least covering some of their bases.

Because of the nature of Indonesia’s gambling laws, all the sites you can choose to play at are based offshore and are open to players in other countries. No national languages or currencies are accepted at these sites.

Indonesians tend to prefer cryptocurrency casinos, as they tend to be more flexible when it comes to both VPN use and the ability to use a wide range of crypto deposit options. As you might expect, these sites are also open to pretty much anyone, irrespective of where they are based in the world. This can be a double-edged sword, though, as there are scam sites out there preying on Indonesians desperate enough to gamble by any means. We’d recommend sticking to the sites featured here, as they have at least been vetted and certified as fair.

Online Casino Payment Options

Online casinos in Indonesia offer a variety of payment methods to cater to the needs of their players. Here’s a categorized list of the most common payment methods exclusively used by Indonesian players.

Credit / Debit Cards:

  • VISA: Widely accepted by online casinos in Indonesia, VISA offers a secure and convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • MasterCard: Another popular card option, MasterCard enables players to make transactions quickly and securely.


  • DANA: DANA is a digital wallet service specifically designed for users in Indonesia. It offers easy and secure transactions for online casino players.
  • OVO: OVO is another popular digital wallet in Indonesia, providing seamless transactions and various payment options for online casino users.
  • GoPay: GoPay is a widely-used e-wallet in Indonesia, operated by the Gojek app. It offers secure, instant transactions for online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Bank Transfers:

  • Bank Central Asia (BCA): BCA offers online banking services for Indonesian players, allowing them to make transactions directly to and from their bank accounts.
  • Bank Mandiri: As one of the largest banks in Indonesia, Bank Mandiri provides secure and convenient online banking services for casino transactions.
  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI): BRI is a popular choice for online casino players in Indonesia, providing accessible and secure online banking options.
  • Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI): Another major bank in the country, BNI offers reliable and secure online banking services for casino players in Indonesia.

Mobile Banking:

  • LinkAja: LinkAja is a mobile banking service supported by several Indonesian banks, providing a convenient option for online casino transactions.
  • BTPN Jenius: BTPN Jenius is a digital banking platform that enables Indonesian players to easily manage their finances and make transactions with online casinos.


  • Bitcoin (BTC): As the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is accepted by many online casinos in Indonesia, offering secure and anonymous transactions.
  • Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum is another widely-used cryptocurrency, providing fast and secure transactions for online casino players in Indonesia.
  • Litecoin (LTC): Litecoin offers lower transaction fees and faster processing times compared to Bitcoin, making it an attractive option for Indonesian casino players.

These payment methods are not restricted for Indonesian players, and they provide a diverse range of options for online casino transactions. Keep in mind that not all online casinos will accept every payment method listed here, so it’s essential to check with each casino for their specific payment options.

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1. Is online gambling legal in Indonesia?

Online gambling is generally prohibited in Indonesia due to the country’s strict Islamic laws. However, many Indonesian players still access and enjoy online casinos through offshore websites. To minimize risks, it is crucial to play on reputable and licensed online casinos. Our licensing and regulation guide can help you understand more about finding secure online gambling platforms.

2. What payment methods can I use for online gambling in Indonesia?

Indonesian players can use various payment methods to deposit and withdraw at online casinos. These include e-wallets, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. Visit our payment methods page to learn more about the available banking options and how to use them securely.

3. Can I play online casino games using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)?

Some online casinos allow players to deposit, play, and withdraw using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). However, not all online casinos support IDR, so you may need to use an alternative currency or exchange your IDR before playing. Our depositing at online casinos guide provides more information on currency options and the deposit process.

4. Are there any online casinos with Indonesian language support?

Yes, some online casinos offer Indonesian language support to cater to players from Indonesia. These casinos may also provide customer support in Indonesian to assist players with their concerns. Check our customer support guide for more information on finding online casinos with language options that suit your needs.

5. What types of online casino games can I play in Indonesia?

Indonesian players can enjoy a wide variety of online casino games, including slots, table games, video poker, and live dealer games. Our online casino games page offers an extensive overview of the different game categories and the most popular games in each category.

6. Can I play live dealer games in Indonesia?

Yes, Indonesian players can access live dealer games through reputable online casinos. Live dealer games provide an immersive casino experience, allowing you to interact with real dealers and other players in real-time. Visit our live dealers page for more information on live dealer games and how to get started.

7. How do I ensure my safety while gambling online in Indonesia?

To stay safe while gambling online in Indonesia, choose licensed and reputable online casinos, use secure payment methods, and follow responsible gambling practices. Our safety and security guide offers detailed information on protecting yourself while enjoying online gambling.

8. Are there any bonuses available for Indonesian players?

Yes, Indonesian players can take advantage of various bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. These may include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs. For more information on how to maximize your gambling experience with these offers, check out our bonuses and loyalty programs guide.

9. How can I ensure responsible gambling in Indonesia?

Responsible gambling involves setting limits on your spending, playing time, and understanding when to stop. It is essential to maintain a healthy balance between gambling and other aspects of your life. Visit our responsible gambling principles guide to learn more about maintaining control over your gambling habits and avoiding problem gambling.

10. Are there any resources for problem gambling in Indonesia?

While there may be limited resources for problem gambling in Indonesia due to its strict gambling laws, international organizations can provide support and assistance. Our problem gambling guide offers a list of resources and helplines for those struggling with gambling addiction.

2023-2024 Online Gambling News & Updates in Indonesia

Indonesia’s online gambling landscape in 2024 continues to evolve amid stringent regulations and persistent enforcement by government authorities. The Indonesian government remains firm in its stance against illegal online gambling, having blocked nearly 900,000 pieces of related content over the past five years. This aggressive approach highlights the government’s commitment to curbing online gambling activities that are deemed illegal under current laws​ ​.

Legal and Regulatory Environment

The Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) reported that online gambling transactions in the country neared Rp 200 trillion, underscoring the significant scale of the industry despite regulatory efforts. This large volume of transactions has prompted continued crackdowns, including recent arrests of 31 individuals connected to online gambling operations​ ​.

Popular Online Casinos

Despite the regulatory challenges, several online casinos have gained popularity among Indonesian players by offering diverse gaming options and attractive bonuses. Casinos such as 1xBet, Duelz, Megapari, and 22BET have tailored their offerings to appeal to the Indonesian market, featuring games from top software providers like Playtech, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming​ ​.

  • 1xBet: Known for its extensive range of casino games and sports betting options, 1xBet offers games from leading providers and supports various payment methods suitable for Indonesian players.
  • Duelz: This platform is noted for its engaging game categories, including live casino games, classic slots, and video poker, all accessible through a user-friendly interface.
  • Megapari: Despite being a relatively new entrant, Megapari has quickly gained a reputation for its intuitive design and a wide array of games, although it currently lacks a dedicated mobile app​​.
  • 22BET: Offering both sports betting and casino games, 22BET is favored for its mobile compatibility and the variety of bets it supports, making it a versatile choice for Indonesian gamblers.

Market Trends and User Preferences

The Indonesian online gambling market has shown a strong preference for mobile-friendly platforms, as many users access casino games and betting services via their smartphones. Payment flexibility is another critical factor, with successful casinos providing multiple deposit and withdrawal options, including e-wallets and prepaid cards​.

Government Initiatives and Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the Indonesian government is expected to maintain its rigorous approach to regulating online gambling. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) has been pivotal in blocking access to illegal gambling sites and is likely to continue this practice to ensure compliance with national laws​​.

However, the demand for online gambling services remains robust, suggesting that while the government cracks down on illegal activities, there may be potential for discussions around more regulated and controlled forms of online gambling in the future. Industry experts predict that if regulations were to evolve, it could lead to a more structured and safer gambling environment, benefiting both players and the state.

In conclusion, the online gambling scene in Indonesia for 2024 is characterized by significant regulatory challenges and a thriving underground market. Popular casinos continue to attract players with diverse game offerings and user-friendly platforms, while government efforts focus on minimizing illegal gambling activities. The future of online gambling in Indonesia will likely hinge on balancing regulatory enforcement with the evolving preferences and demands of the market.