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Luxembourg Casino Guide

Getting Started

With a population of just over half a million, Luxembourg is hardly a major market for any gambling operator. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t gamble or that there aren’t operators who cater to the Luxembourger market – there are. However, the gambling situation in Luxembourg is still unique and, at times, baffling.

Join us as we explore the inner workings of Luxembourg’s gambling market. We’ll cover the ins and outs of what you can expect to do when trying to gamble there, and we’ll explain how “legal online casinos” work in the EU member state.

Luxembourg’s Gambling Laws and Regulations

Gambling (in general) has been legal in Luxembourg since 1977. The Grand Duchy has a handful of legalised and regulated casino establishments, and there is the Loterie Nationale (the only legal lottery provider in Luxembourg) that offers tickets both online and offline. All this stems from the 1977 Gambling Law.

Online gambling only recently became legal in Luxembourg. While there were never any punishments for Luxembourgers who wished to bet online, the market was fully unregulated. In 2021, the Luxembourg government decided that the 1977 Gambling Law should also encompass online gambling and made amendments to that law accordingly.

It is worth noting that the only licensed provider of online gambling games in the country is the Loterie Nationale. All other gambling enterprises are unlicensed and unregulated. However, that doesn’t make them illegal. As mentioned, online gambling is legal but not regulated. This means that Luxembourgers can effectively wager at any online casino that tickles their fancy. Luxembourg is one of the freest and most open countries regarding online betting, then.

Even if Luxembourg was to implement a licensing body and fully regulate the market, there wouldn’t be much point in doing so. Luxembourg’s population (at just over half a million citizens) is far too small to attract major gambling enterprises to apply for licenses in the tiny European country. Having it unregulated is arguably the smartest choice here.

Who Regulates and Licenses Luxembourger Casino Sites?

The Loterie Nationale is the only company endorsed by the Luxembourg government to officially offer gambling games. Licenses are supposed to be handed out by the Ministry of Justice. It is regulated internally, effectively meaning that most other forms of gambling (which, again, are legal) in Luxembourg remain unregulated. Despite this, there are sorts of dos and don’ts when it comes to betting at casinos.

Officially, Luxembourgers can sign up and play at any online casino that tweaks their interest. There are no rules forbidding you from doing so and no punishment in place. However, EU law sort of stipulates that citizens should play at an EU-licensed casino. Of course, most consider this to mean UK casinos are fair game, too, even though they’ve formally left the EU.

While we recommend Luxembourgers to play at EU and UK-licensed casino sites, they can readily choose a Curacao-licensed casino if they wish or any other sort of gambling domain with no issues experienced whatsoever. Most of the offshore casinos that cater to players in Luxembourg will offer gameplay in at least one of the languages familiar to Luxembourgers, and most will provide the euro as their currency of choice, to boot.

Because they can play at seemingly any site, Luxembourgers need to be a bit careful when signing up for a site. You don’t want to get caught out by playing at a scam, rogue or blacklisted casino. There are some of these out there, and the lack of any real licensing body makes these tricky to come across.

Luxembourg’s Most Popular Gambling Games

Luxembourgers aren’t that fussy when it comes to gambling games. Some prefer to play slots, others table games. There are plenty of takers when it comes to sports betting, and a few poker players have come from Luxembourg to boot. The only types of gambling that aren’t a-okay seem to be blood sports betting (which is banned) and cryptocurrency betting and loot boxes, both of which are unregulated but not illegal.

There aren’t really any major casino software providers coming out of Luxembourg. Instead, almost all the casinos that cater to players there will feature software from other countries, many of which are based in the European Union and the UK. These developers include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil Gaming- you name it.

Who Can Play?

Luxembourger casinos are almost always going to be based offshore, either in another EU country, the United Kingdom, or beyond, licensed out of places like Curacao. These casino sites won’t just accept players from Luxembourg but also those from other countries. Some casinos may offer gameplay in languages that Luxembourgers find appealing, while some may only offer English-language action. On the upside, almost all online casinos accept the euro – or at least, the ones catering to players in Luxembourg should do.

Players in Luxembourg will still need to go through the KYC process when they withdraw. However, because of the open and flexible gambling laws in the country, there is no need to worry about having to reside in a specific country or anything like that.

Online Casino Payment Options

Luxembourg is a small but economically prosperous country in Europe. While it does not have any payment methods exclusively for its residents, it does provide a variety of options for making online transactions at online casinos. Here, we will discuss the most common payment methods available for players in Luxembourg, divided into categories.

Credit / Debit Cards:

  • Visa: Visa is one of the most widely accepted credit/debit cards in Luxembourg. Players can make online casino deposits and withdrawals using their Visa cards, ensuring swift transactions and secure data protection.
  • Mastercard: Like Visa, Mastercard is another popular choice for Luxembourg residents. Mastercard offers secure and efficient transactions at online casinos, including deposit and withdrawal services.
  • Maestro: Maestro is a debit card service provided by Mastercard. It is widely accepted at online casinos and offers a convenient and secure way for players to fund their accounts and cash out their winnings.


  • PayPal: As a global leader in online payments, PayPal is a popular choice for Luxembourg residents. PayPal allows users to make secure, quick, and easy transactions to and from online casinos without revealing sensitive financial information.
  • Neteller: Neteller is another e-wallet option that is widely used by Luxembourg players at online casinos. This e-wallet allows for swift and secure transactions while maintaining user privacy.
  • Skrill: Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an e-wallet service that facilitates easy and secure transactions to and from online casinos for Luxembourg players.

Bank Transfers:

  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): Luxembourg is part of the SEPA, which simplifies bank transfers within the European Union. SEPA enables players to make secure and efficient cross-border bank transfers to and from online casinos.
  • Bank Wire Transfer: Another option for Luxembourg residents is the traditional bank wire transfer. This method allows for secure transactions directly between the player’s bank account and the online casino. However, it may take longer for the funds to be processed compared to other methods.


  • Bitcoin: As the most popular and widely-accepted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is an option for Luxembourg players at online casinos that support cryptocurrency transactions. Bitcoin provides secure, anonymous, and fast transactions, which makes it an appealing choice for online gambling.
  • Ethereum: Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that is gaining traction among online casino players in Luxembourg. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum transactions are secure, fast, and anonymous.

Prepaid Cards / Vouchers:

  • Paysafecard: Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher that allows Luxembourg players to make deposits at online casinos without sharing any personal or financial information. Players can purchase Paysafecard vouchers at local retailers and use the 16-digit code to make secure and anonymous deposits.

These are the most common payment methods available for online casino players in Luxembourg. Remember to double-check the specific online casino you are planning to join to ensure that these methods are supported and not restricted for your country.

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1. Is online gambling legal in Luxembourg?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Luxembourg. However, the legal landscape is complex, with different regulations applying to various types of gambling activities. Make sure to stay informed by visiting our Licensing and Regulation section to learn more about the legal requirements and rules in Luxembourg.

2. What payment methods are popular for online gambling in Luxembourg?

Popular payment methods in Luxembourg include credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. To learn more about the available banking methods for online gambling, visit our Payment Methods page.

3. Are winnings from online gambling taxable in Luxembourg?

Generally, winnings from online gambling are not taxable in Luxembourg. However, it is always a good idea to consult with a local tax professional for specific information on your individual situation.

4. Can I gamble using cryptocurrency in Luxembourg?

Yes, some online casinos in Luxembourg accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. To learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain in online gambling, visit our Cryptocurrency and Blockchain section.

5. Are live dealer games available in Luxembourg?

Yes, live dealer games are available for players in Luxembourg. To find out more about live dealer games and how they work, visit our Live Dealers page.

6. How can I ensure I'm gambling responsibly in Luxembourg?

Responsible gambling is crucial for a healthy and enjoyable experience. We recommend setting limits, knowing when to stop, and seeking help if needed. For more information on responsible gambling, visit our Responsible Gambling Principles section.

7. Are online casinos in Luxembourg safe and secure?

Reputable online casinos in Luxembourg are generally safe and secure. However, it is essential to choose a casino that is licensed and regulated. For more information on safety and security in online gambling, visit our Safety and Security section.

8. How can I improve my online gambling skills?

To improve your online gambling skills, visit our Mastering Online Gambling section, where you can find tips and strategies for various casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and more.

9. Can I play online casino games on my mobile device in Luxembourg?

Yes, most online casinos in Luxembourg offer mobile-friendly platforms, allowing you to play casino games on your smartphone or tablet. To learn more about mobile gaming and how to get started, visit our Mobile Gaming section.

10. What should I do if I encounter a problem with an online casino in Luxembourg?

If you experience any issues with an online casino in Luxembourg, you should first contact their customer support. For more information on what to expect from customer support and how to resolve issues, visit our Customer Support section.

2023-2024 Online Gambling News & Updates in Luxembourg

In 2024, the online casino and gambling landscape in Luxembourg is experiencing significant growth and development. Here’s a comprehensive look at the current state, notable trends, and future outlook of the industry.

Current State of Online Gambling in Luxembourg

Online gambling in Luxembourg is largely unregulated, with the exception of the National Lottery, which operates under a monopoly. Despite the absence of specific legislation governing online casinos, residents are not prohibited from participating in online gambling through overseas platforms. This has led to a burgeoning market with many reputable international operators catering to Luxembourgish players. Popular online casinos such as LeoVegas, Mr Green, and Casumo are licensed overseas but widely accepted by players in Luxembourg due to their adherence to strict regulatory standards in their respective jurisdictions.

Key Trends and Developments

  1. Increasing Popularity of Online Casinos: Luxembourg has seen a steady increase in the popularity of online casinos, driven by the convenience and variety they offer. Top platforms provide a range of games, including slots, blackjack, and roulette, with some sites like Playzee and NetBet noted for their high payout rates and extensive game selections.
  2. Payment Methods: The preferred payment methods for Luxembourg players include traditional options like Visa and Mastercard, as well as e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. The use of prepaid cards like Paysafecard is also gaining traction due to the added layer of privacy they offer. These methods ensure secure and efficient transactions, crucial for maintaining player trust and satisfaction.
  3. Legal and Regulatory Environment: The legal framework surrounding online gambling remains ambiguous. The primary law governing gambling dates back to 1977, long before the advent of the internet. While the National Lottery Law of 2009 does include provisions for online games, it predominantly focuses on maintaining the lottery monopoly. This regulatory gap leaves room for potential legislative updates that could formally address the status of online casinos and provide a clearer operational landscape.

Future Outlook

The future of online gambling in Luxembourg looks promising, with several key developments anticipated:

  1. Potential Regulatory Reforms: There is ongoing speculation that Luxembourg may move towards a more regulated online gambling environment. This would not only provide better protection for players but also create new revenue streams for the government through licensing fees and taxes.
  2. Technological Advancements: The integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in online casinos is expected to gain momentum. This shift promises enhanced security, transparency, and faster transaction times, benefitting both operators and players.
  3. Enhanced Player Protection Measures: As the industry grows, there is likely to be a stronger focus on responsible gambling practices. Leading online casinos are expected to implement advanced tools and resources to help players manage their gaming habits effectively, thereby promoting a safer gambling environment.

Expert Opinions

Giuseppe Faraone, an online gambling expert, notes that Luxembourg’s proximity to well-regulated markets like Germany and France presents an opportunity for adopting best practices in online gambling regulation. He suggests that embracing a regulated framework could lead to increased market stability and player trust.

Personalization and Player Experience

Top online casinos are increasingly focusing on personalization to enhance player experience. This includes tailored promotions, loyalty programs, and personalized game recommendations based on player preferences and activity. Casinos like Bet365 and Playfina are leading the way in offering attractive welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions to retain player engagement.


The online gambling sector in Luxembourg is on the cusp of significant change. While the current regulatory environment is somewhat unclear, the potential for future reforms and technological advancements bodes well for the industry. As more players turn to online platforms for their gaming needs, the focus will likely shift towards providing a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming experience, positioning Luxembourg as a noteworthy player in the global online gambling market.