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Peru has a massive population of 32.8 million people. Compared to some of its South American neighbours, it is a country that is ripe for online gambling. Unsurprisingly, betting is legal in the South American country, but it isn’t without its hiccups. What does this mean for Peruvian poker and casino players?

Our team has decided to take a closer look at Peruvian online casinos and the gambling laws that they are bound to adhere to. We explore everything you need to know about betting in Peru right here. Let’s dive in.

Peru’s Gambling Laws and Regulations

The first thing that you need to know about Peru’s gambling laws is that it is legal to gamble – both online and offline. The Republic of Peru first passed a gambling law in 1979. Known as Degree-Law No. 22515, with a secondary law (27153), these form the basis of Peru’s stance on gambling. In the Law on Games of Chance and Gaming Machines, the second article specifically states that brick-and-mortar casino, bingo, lottery, slot machines, and sports betting is legal. While initially, there was organised crime and money laundering related to gambling, Peru cracked down hard on this in 2007. Now, everything is well run and regulated. What about online gambling, though?

Online gambling in Peru has been legal since 2005. However, that doesn’t mean that it has been regulated all this time. In fact, online gambling is largely unregulated, and many of Peru’s internet betting operations are available by invitation only. What this means is that Peru decides which companies can (or cannot) be involved in a sort of a closed market, albeit without state monopolies.

For instance, Scientific Gaming was invited to provide online casino games in 2005, and Betsson was invited to set up shop in the country in 2008. Since then, lottery providers, casino operators, sportsbooks and other brands have been casually invited to join Peru’s gambling market. There is no application process, no case-by-case methodology behind which operators are in and which aren’t. The entire thing seems to be run by the good graces of the government.

Who Regulates and Licenses Peruvian Casino Sites?

Officially, all the power in Peru rests with La Dirección General de Juegos de Casino y Máquinas Tragamonedas, although known, perhaps confusingly, as the DGJCMT. This organisation is responsible for licensing land-based betting establishments. Moreover, they also have the power to license online casinos. Even those brands personally invited to set up shop in Peru need to obtain a license from this authority. Because this cloak-and-dagger scheme isn’t open to everyone, we have no idea how much a license costs or the other requirements a provider must jump through to be certified in the country.

What we do know is that Peru doesn’t try overly hard to shut out unlicensed foreign sites. As a matter of fact, many offshore casinos and sportsbooks cater to players in Peru. It is illegal for Peruvians to sign up and play at these casinos. However, there appears to be no record of any resident or national ever being prosecuted or punished for choosing to play at international casinos. Peru appears to have a relaxed attitude about it all. Do not take this as an encouragement to play at offshore casinos – we aren’t advocating that.

Peru’s Most Popular Gambling Games

All forms of gambling are legal in Peru. Peruvians can choose to place wagers on sports, online casino, land-based casino, bingo, and lottery-style games. Of the online casino games legal in the country, it tends to be RNG table games like blackjack, baccarat, table poker and roulette, which are the most popular, alongside online slots. Some Spanish-language live dealer games can also be played at Peruvian licensed casinos and plenty of offshore sites catering to players in the South American country.

There aren’t any major powerhouses offering online casino games in Peru, at least not directly. There are plenty of offshore casino software providers who do deliver games to Peruvian online casinos, though. One of the most popular found at those casinos is EGT, now known as Amusnet. Pragmatic Play, BetSoft Gaming and a handful of others can also legally offer gambling games to this market.

Who Can Play?

Players based in Peru can choose from a couple of dozen online casinos, all of which have been invited into the country by the licensing authorities. These sites offer gameplay in Spanish, and they use the Nuevo Sol as their currency of choice.

It is a different story when you head to offshore casinos, though. There, you will find that casinos catering to Peruvians prefer to use the US dollar as their currency of choice, which can be confusing as both currencies use the “$” symbol. Gameplay (and support) may be available in Spanish at these sites, too, but it is more common to find that English is the language of preference at Peru’s offshore casinos.

Peru Online Casino Payment Options

In Peru, various payment methods cater exclusively to local players at online casinos. These payment methods can be categorized into credit/debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

Credit/Debit Cards:
a. Visa: Visa is one of the most popular and widely accepted payment methods for online casinos in Peru. Visa credit and debit cards offer a secure and convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds.
b. Mastercard: Mastercard is another globally recognized card brand, with many Peruvian players using it to fund their online casino accounts. It’s known for its security measures and ease of use.

a. PagoEfectivo: PagoEfectivo is an e-wallet solution designed exclusively for Peruvian customers. It allows users to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos securely and quickly. Users can fund their PagoEfectivo account through various methods such as bank transfers and cash payments at authorized agents.
b. SafetyPay: SafetyPay is another e-wallet service available to Peruvian players, allowing for secure and instant transactions at online casinos. It operates as a mediator between the user’s bank and the online casino, ensuring that personal and financial details remain protected.

Prepaid Cards:
a. PaySafeCard: PaySafeCard is a prepaid card that’s widely accepted by online casinos in Peru. It allows users to make deposits without sharing their bank details, making it a safe and private option for funding casino accounts. Users can purchase PaySafeCard vouchers at local retailers and use the unique PIN to deposit funds.

Bank Transfers:
a. Interbank: Interbank is one of Peru’s leading banks, and its online banking platform allows customers to make secure transfers directly to their online casino accounts. This method is convenient and safe, as it avoids sharing sensitive financial information with third parties.

a. Bitcoin (BTC): Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency in Peru, and many online casinos have started accepting it as a payment method. It provides a high level of anonymity, fast transactions, and low fees.
b. Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum is another widely used cryptocurrency among Peruvian players. It offers similar benefits to Bitcoin, such as anonymity and fast transaction speeds, while also supporting smart contracts that can enhance the gaming experience.

It’s important to note that the availability of these payment methods may vary depending on the online casino’s policies and regulations. Players should always review the casino’s banking options before signing up and ensure that their preferred method is accepted.

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Peru is a thriving market for online gambling, with many players looking for answers to their most pressing questions. In this FAQ section, we will address the top 10 concerns and queries related to online gambling in Peru, providing you with the information you need to enjoy a safe and entertaining gaming experience.

2. What are the most popular casino games in Peru?

Peruvian players enjoy a wide range of casino games, with slots, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat being among the favorites. You can learn more about these games and their specific strategies by visiting our Online Casino Games section.

3. Can I play online casino games on my mobile device?

Yes, most online casinos in Peru offer mobile gaming options, allowing you to play your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet. For more information on how to get started with mobile gaming, check out our guide on Mobile Gaming.

4. What payment methods are available for Peruvian players?

Peruvian players can choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. For more information on the available options and how to use them, visit our Payment Methods page.

5. Are online casino bonuses available for players in Peru?

Yes, Peruvian players can take advantage of various online casino bonuses, such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and loyalty programs. To learn more about these offers and how to maximize their value, check out our guide on Bonuses and Loyalty Programs.

6. How can I ensure my personal information is safe while gambling online?

To protect your personal information, choose a licensed and regulated online casino that employs the latest security measures, such as SSL encryption. Learn more about online safety and security by visiting our Safety and Security guide.

7. How can I spot a problem gambling issue and get help?

Recognizing problem gambling early is crucial for effective intervention. If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, visit our Problem Gambling guide for information on recognizing the signs and seeking help.

8. What are the best strategies for different casino games?

Effective strategies vary depending on the game you are playing. To learn more about the strategies for popular casino games like roulette, blackjack, and slots, explore our Mastering Online Gambling guide, where you will find individual sections dedicated to each game type.

9. Are live dealer games available for players in Peru?

Yes, many online casinos in Peru offer live dealer games, providing an immersive and interactive gaming experience. To learn more about live dealer games and how to play them, visit our Live Dealers page.

10. How do I choose the right online casino in Peru?

When selecting an online casino, consider factors such as licensing, game selection, payment methods, bonuses, and customer support. Ensure the platform adheres to local regulations and provides a secure gaming environment. Our Casino Guides section contains various resources to help you make an informed decision.

2023-2024 Online Gambling News & Updates in Peru

Peru’s online gambling landscape is undergoing significant changes in 2024. The recent implementation of Law No. 31,557 and its amendments, Law No. 31806, have laid the foundation for a regulated online gambling market. This regulatory framework aims to bring structure and legitimacy to an industry that has operated in a grey area for years.

Regulatory Framework and Implementation:

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) is at the helm of the regulatory process, which began with the publication of Supreme Decree No. 005-2023 in October 2023. This decree outlines comprehensive regulations for online gambling and sports betting. The regulatory process includes a 150-day countdown from the decree’s publication, with a phased approach to licensing and enforcement.

The first 120 days are dedicated to consultations with stakeholders, including online gambling manufacturers, service providers, and operators. This period is crucial for finalizing the technical and operational standards that will govern the industry. Following this, there is a 30-day window for companies to apply for licenses, with the aim to eliminate grey-market operations by mid-2024.

Market Dynamics and Economic Impact:

The introduction of these regulations is expected to significantly impact Peru’s economy. The government has projected annual revenue of around $40 million from the 12% tax on net income from online gambling operations. This revenue will support various economic and social programs, enhancing the state’s fiscal health.

Industry experts like Nicolás Samohod Rivarola and Carlos Fonseca Sarmiento have noted the tight timelines for implementation but believe that existing operators in the grey market will likely dominate the newly regulated environment. This is because many of these operators already have established customer bases and marketing assets.

Challenges and Future Outlook:

Despite the optimistic projections, there are challenges. The regulatory deadlines are considered short, and the transition from a grey market to a fully regulated one involves significant logistical and operational adjustments. The success of this transition will depend on the efficiency of Mincetur in processing applications and enforcing regulations.

Moreover, the regulations stipulate stringent advertising restrictions to promote responsible gambling. All advertising must include warnings about the risks of compulsive gambling, and marketing directed at minors is strictly prohibited. These measures are designed to protect consumers and ensure the industry’s integrity.

Looking ahead, the Peruvian online gambling market is poised for growth, with the potential to become a major player in the Latin American region. The successful implementation of these regulations could serve as a model for other countries in the region, fostering a safer and more regulated gambling environment.

Expert Opinions and Industry Reactions:

Gonzalo Pérez, CEO of Apuesta Total, expressed confidence that established local operators will maintain a significant market share. This sentiment is echoed by Cristina Romero of Loyra Abogados, who drew parallels with similar regulatory changes in Colombia and Mexico.

In summary, the regulatory overhaul of Peru’s online gambling industry marks a pivotal moment for the sector. The government’s proactive stance and the involvement of industry stakeholders suggest a promising future, albeit with challenges that require careful navigation. As the market matures, Peru could emerge as a leading hub for online gambling in Latin America.