Anubis’ Obelisk Slot

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Anubis’ Obelisk Slot

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Delve into the magical world of ancient Egypt with the alluring slot game, Anubis’ Obelisk. Set against the enchanting backdrop of the ancient Pyramids, this game offers a heart-thumping escapade into a forgotten era guarded by the mystical deity, Anubis. With his image reigning supreme as a Wild symbol, Anubis opens the floodgates of unimaginable fortunes and attractive prizes. Indulge in a rub of ancient charm and intrigue as you navigate the reels beneath the careful vigilance of the jackal-headed god of afterlife.

Immerse in the Ancient Ambience With Anubis’ Obelisk

Imprinted with distinctive Egyptian symbols and draped in nostalgic aesthetics, Anubis’ Obelisk visually pulsates with a vivid portrayal of this historical era. Themes of ancient civilizations, mummies, pharaohs and scarabs become dominant elements in this slot machine, adding an authentic touch to your gaming journey. Strengthening the gaming narrative is the black and brown colour palette that creates an atmosphere resembling the sandy deserts of Egypt.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Anubis’ Obelisk, provided by Onlyplay, is not your regular slot game. Instead, it’s a papyrus of hidden secrets waiting to unravel riches beyond imagination. Scheduled to release on 21st September 2023, this unique game of fortune features a layout of 5 reels and 3 rows, eerily reflecting the architectural style of the ancient pyramids. It operates on a medium variance, ensuring balanced risk and reward gameplay while holding a potential maximum win of a whopping x8032 of your bet.

The game utilises 20 betways that provide players multiple opportunities to shape winning combinations. However, the absence of a concrete value for the minimum and maximum bet range, marked N/A in the game specifics, offers an intriguing spin, suggesting an open-ended betting interface.

The Power of Special Features

Anubis’ Obelisk offers more than just an immersive Egyptian theme. Steeped with special features such as Expanding Symbols, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols and Wild, the game provides an amplified gaming experience. The illustration of Anubis as the Wild symbol is vital in replacing other symbols on the reels to carve out winning combinations. Furthermore, the presence of Expanding Symbols can lead to bigger and better wins by covering more space on the reels.

Anubis’ Obelisk RTP Explained

Understanding Return to Player (RTP) value is crucial for gamers. With an RTP of 95.36%, Anubis’ Obelisk offers players a fair insight into the potential average return of the game over an extended period. This percentage, however, does not indicate the likelihood of immediate success but signifies that the game, on average, pays back £95.36 for every £100 wagered.

Embark on An Egyptian Adventure

Anubis’ Obelisk offers an irresistibly engaging foray into the mystical world of ancient Egypt. If you get lucky, you might find yourself pocketing treasures hidden by the pharaohs and protected by the vigilant god Anubis.

Remember, though—each roll of the dice, each spin of the wheel, carries its own risks and rewards. But whether or not you strike it rich in the sandy ravines of Anubis’ Obelisk, the real value of this game lies in the exciting journey it offers. Aided by impressive graphics, captivating gameplay, and a rich plethora of features, Anubis’ Obelisk is indeed poised to leave an indelible impression in the realm of online slot gaming on

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