Devour The Weak Slot

Devour The Weak Slot

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Yggdrasil has a reputation for creating captivating underworld-themed slots, and Devour The Weak is no exception. This game takes players deep into the pits of hell, where the reels are filled with menacing demon creatures that fly around like ghosts. The heavy metal soundtrack adds to the overall atmosphere, making it a thrilling experience for those who appreciate the darker side of gaming.

Unique Dropdown Mechanic and Multiplier Trail

The unique Dropdown mechanic sets Devour The Weak apart from other slots, as it removes not only winning symbols but also those of equal or lower value. This clearing process continues as long as new winning combinations are formed. Removed symbols contribute to the Multiplier Counter, which can reach up to x666. The values in chronological order are as follows: x1, x2, x3, x4, x6, x8, x11, x22, x33, x44, x66, x88, x111, x222, x333, x444, and x666.

Hexed Symbols and Free Spins Feature

Hexed symbols play a crucial role in Devour The Weak’s gameplay, contributing to the free spins meter when removed via the Dropdown mechanic. Additionally, their positions are transformed into wild symbols, potentially extending winning streaks. Players need to collect six hexed winning symbols in a single Dropdown sequence to trigger the Bonus Round, which awards 10 free spins. The win multiplier starts and resets to x6 between free spins, and additional spins can be earned for each free spin symbol that appears.

Golden Bet and Bonus Buy Options

For those willing to take a risk, the Golden Bet feature can be activated between any base game spin at a 50% higher cost per spin. This option adds +1 to the free spins counter and increases the number of hexed symbols. In some jurisdictions, players can also purchase 10 to 13 free spins for 100x their stake, or 14 to 17 free spins for 666x their stake, which come with varying starting win multipliers.


Devour The Weak is a well-designed slot game that offers an immersive underworld theme and engaging gameplay mechanics. With a maximum win potential of 10,000x your stake, the Dropdown feature, Multiplier Trail, and free spins keep players on the edge of their seat. Though not part of Yggdrasil’s DoubleMax series, Devour The Weak stands as a solid standalone game that’s sure to attract a devoted fan base.

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