Ethan Grand Mayan Diaries Slot

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Ethan Grand Mayan Diaries Slot

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Dive into the thrilling world of ancient Mayan ruins with EvoPlay’s innovative slot game, “Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries”. Departing from traditional slot game structures, this adventurous quest takes you through the intricacies of a South American jungle, brimming with surprises and potential riches.

A New Take on Slot Games

Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries offers a unique, 3rd-person video game style 3D adventure experience, somewhat akin to popular video games like Lara Croft. It places an intriguing twist on the concept of slot games by replacing the “spin” mechanism with a series of choices as you navigate the labyrinthine Mayan city.

In the gripping narrative of this game, you are the adventurous hero Ethan Grand, and your survival depends on making the right choices. Picking the right path means the difference between virtual life and death, with the stakes gradually increasing across a five-milestone timeline.

Winning Mechanisms and Features

Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries begins with you selecting your bet size (ranging from £0.1 to £500) before you embark on the thrilling journey. With each successful choice of path, you advance on a timeline of five milestones. Each milestone offers an increment in winnings, from 0.384x to 6.144x your stake. You have the freedom to cash out at any milestone, but to activate the bonus game, you must reach the 5th milestone without meeting a virtual end.

The Bonus Game: A Gamble with Treasures

If you demonstrate the intuition to guess the correct path five consecutive times, you earn the opportunity to engage in the exhilarating bonus game. This bonus game presents you with a choice: to take your current winnings or to gamble them for the chance of opening a treasure-filled chest. Opening the chest entails betting on whether Ethan will successfully unlock a five-circle lock before the key breaks. It’s a gamble with high stakes but equally high rewards.’s Review Summary

Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries is an enticing release from EvoPlay that offers a unique twist to the standard slot games. Its innovative gameplay combined with immersive 3D graphics creates an engaging experience that stands out significantly from the crowd.

While it offers a breath of fresh air from the ‘shoot-em up’ genre, the game could be enriched by including a greater variety of bonus games to counter its slight repetitiveness. However, its overall gameplay and distinct style make it an adventure worth embarking on for any slot game enthusiast.

Game Details

Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries was released by EvoPlay on 2022-11-30. It is classified under the “Other types” category with an RTP of 96%. The betting range lies between £0.1 and £500, and it includes features like a Bonus Game, Level Up, and Mines Games. Its theme is rooted in Ancient Civilizations, specifically Mayan, making it a perfect pick for lovers of adventure and history.


In conclusion, for those seeking a departure from the typical slot games and craving a taste of adventure, Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries offers a unique, immersive experience that’s definitely worth a try.

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