Fish Catch Slot

Fish Catch Slot

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Engross yourself in the unique world of “Fish Catch,” an RTG Asia creation. Hugely popular in physical casinos from Hong Kong to California, “Fish Catch” has quickly become a favorite among the online gaming community, especially the millennial market, since its digital launch. The exciting nature of this game makes it more than a traditional slot. It’s a highly interactive video game, where you get to challenge up to three other players and shoot fish for prizes.

Take Control with Bet Adjustments

In Fish Catch, players have the power to set the denomination for each shot at the onset of the game. Nevertheless, the stakes can quickly rise as players opt for larger, and potentially more effective, weapons. Note that is a review site; it’s not the site that created this thrilling game.

No Jackpot, But More to Gain

While there’s no conventional jackpot in Fish Catch, there’s a “Mermaid’s Luck” wheel that appears randomly and can multiply your win up to 250x your current bet per shot. An even luckier moment arrives when the Mermaid herself ends up in your sights, resulting in a $2500.00 win!

Perfect Appeal for a New Generation of Players

Operators looking to engage a younger demographic will find Fish Catch’s rapid-fire action and fair RTP appealing. With other innovative offerings like the snakes-and-ladders-inspired Banana Jones, the forthcoming 4D Fish Attack, and the celebrity-featured Mermaid game, RTG Asia continues to offer exciting games that help operators increase player value and expand their player base.

With the introduction of games like RTG Asia’s Fish Catch, attracting new players has become as straightforward as shooting fish in a barrel.

🔎SCAN Casinos With This Game