Gangster’s Gold – On The Run Slot

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Gangster’s Gold – On The Run Slot

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Gangster’s Gold – On The Run is a thrilling new slot game that takes you into the heart-pounding world of organized crime. This high-stakes game from Spinomenal is an exciting blend of the suspenseful, dangerous life of a gangster, and the rush of gambling. Set in a backdrop of tense mob activities, this game not only guarantees a quality gaming experience but also delivers a captivating narrative with each spin.

Experience the Convolution of Crime and Gambling

Gangster’s Gold – On The Run is not your typical slot game; it’s a ticket into an underworld ripe with mischief and allure. The game spins around a drama-infused narrative that sees you slipping into the shoes of an aspiring mobster. The 6-reel, 18-picture, and 25-line format set the stage for a range of intriguing events and turns of fortune.

True to its immersive experience, the game uses enticing graphics and well-crafted symbols that add depth to the narrative. Be it the Black, Detective, Crime, or Gangster Hat and Weapons, each symbol is a nod to elements of mob culture that complete the crime-ridden ensemble.

Unique Features of the Game

Gangster’s Gold – On The Run goes beyond the usual bells and whistles of a standard slot game – its unique selling point lies in its gameplay features. Bets in this game range from 0.25 to 250 euros per spin, catering to a wide array of gamblers.

The game comprises not only simple and special symbols but also exciting features such as Free Spin and Bonus wheel. With Sticky Countdown Wilds and Respin, drama and suspense weave their way into your gaming experience, making every spin a thrilling endeavor.

Equipped with the Spin The Wheel feature and a Stack Wild, there’s always an element of surprise in store for players. Be it a mystery symbol, respins, or scatter symbols, the gameplay never loses its thrill.

Exceptional Game Specs

Launched on July 8, 2022, Gangster’s Gold – On The Run promptly made a mark in the online casino industry. The game boasts an impressively high RTP of 96.31%, enticing players with the promise of good returns.

The game does not disclose its variance and max win, which adds to the suspense and makes each spin an uncharted dive into the world of gambling. With a layout of 6-3 and 25 bet ways, Gangster’s Gold – On The Run offers an engaging and refreshing spin on traditional slot gaming.


Gangster’s Gold – On The Run is just more than a slot game; it pays homage to the allure of mob culture while wrapping it into an engaging game package. With alluring graphics, captivating gameplay, and solid payouts, it upholds’s promise of premium gaming experiences. This game is a must-try for anyone looking to venture beyond the standard fare and dive into a world filled with daring gangsters, intriguing narratives, and thrilling spins.

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