Gangsterz Slot

Gangsterz Slot

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Review is thrilled to introduce BGAMING’s unique online slot game, Gangsterz. Launched in November 2022, BGAMING, though not a dominant name in the online casino world, consistently delivers exciting new releases that compete with leading industry titans. Gangsterz, a standout online slot game featuring a 7×7 grid with no paylines, reflects BGAMING’s innovative spirit and attention to detail. Employing the favored Cluster Pays system, Gangsterz encourages players to identify clusters of five or more matching symbols to secure a win.

Dinosaurs Meet Gangsters: An Unexpected Theme

Uniquely, Gangsterz merges the concept of dinosaurs with gangsters, creating a captivating theme that stands out in the world of online slot games. The reels showcase adorable and inventive designs that capture the imagination. Although highly volatile, players have the opportunity to win a staggering 12,000 times their bet. The betting range is accessible, with stakes starting at £0.10 and capping at £100. With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.25%, the potential for substantial rewards is better than average.

Navigating The Reel Symbols

Gangsterz offers eight pay symbols, equally divided into low and high pay symbols. Low pay symbols feature images of eggs with dollar signs, crosshairs, police badges, and locks, while the high pay symbols are creatively designed dinosaurs representing gangsters and policemen. Wins can range from 10x the bet for a cluster of 15 or more low pay symbols, up to a whopping 750x the bet for a cluster of 15 or more of the highest-paying T-Rex symbols. The only special symbols in the game are Wilds, illustrated by glowing golden Ws, which can substitute any pay symbols.

The Enticing Game Features

Refills and Progress Bar

The game employs the Refills feature, comparable to Cascades or Avalanches in other games. Winning symbols explode and disappear from the grid, making way for new symbols to take their place. This can generate more wins, continuing until no more winning combinations are possible.

Gangsterz also incorporates a Progress Bar that looks like a safe and ticks down from 100. Each winning symbol reduces the bar by one point, and every 25 winning symbols activate one of four exciting effects: Detonation, Reduction, Separation, and Promotion.

Special Effects: Detonation, Reduction, Separation, Promotion

These effects add an extra thrill to the gameplay. The Detonation effect turns up to six symbols into Wilds, simultaneously exploding surrounding symbols. The Promotion effect transforms symbols, while the Separation effect generates a Wild symbol in the grid’s center and transforms some symbols into matching ones. The Reduction effect eliminates all low-paying symbols from the grid, amplifying the chance of hitting a big win.

The Safe Feature

When players successfully get the Progress Bar down to zero, they trigger the Safe feature. This places a 3×3 Wild symbol onto the grid, which subsequently divides into 2 2×2 symbols and 9 individual Wild symbols for a high payout potential. Matching pay symbols grouped in 2×2 squares automatically evolve into Big Boss symbols that double as 2x win multipliers.

Additional Features: Shining Symbols and Second Chance

After each spin, one low-paying symbol is randomly selected and begins to shine. Securing this symbol in a winning combination leaves behind two Wild symbols. Furthermore, any spin without a win can activate the Second Chance feature, converting a random selection of symbols into Wilds for another shot at winning.

Buy Bonus Option

Lastly, the Buy Bonus option allows players to open the safe for a fee of 100x their bet, triggering the Safe feature with all the exciting Wild features detailed above.


In summary, Gangsterz showcases BGAMING’s creativity and forward-thinking approach in the online slot game industry. With its engaging dinosaur-gangster theme, distinctive game features, and enticing rewards, it promises an exciting gaming experience for both casual and seasoned players.

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