Limbo Cat Slot

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Limbo Cat Slot

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Few have yet to truly master the niche of Crash games, a genre that blends simple mechanics with exhilarating highs and lows. This is where Onlyplay has been known to throw their hat into the ring, yet their effort has often left a bit to be desired. Yet, we at always seek for the silver lining, and so we willingly decided to give Limbo Cat a shot. From our first interaction, it seems to bring some much needed interesting aspects to the table. So, allow us to walk you through a comprehensive review of this unique Onlyplay title.

Eccentric Theme and Gameplay

Laced with humor and steeped in absurdity, Limbo Cat is perhaps not what you’d expect from your average military-themed slots game. Taking center stage is a whimsical feline character in a tank, waging a war that’s as light-hearted as it is entertaining. We admit that while the game’s production values may not be the highest we’ve seen, they manage to achieve the fundamental objective – to entertain.

Strategizing in Limbo Cat

Diverging from the norm, Limbo Cat allows players to place up to two bets per round. This opens the door for diverse gameplay strategies, making each round intensely gripping. While Auto Play and Multiplayer options are provided as standard, they’re nothing we haven’t seen before. We would appreciate it if Onlyplay could redefine the innovation bar in the future.

Unique Random Box Feature

Arguably the saving grace of Limbo Cat is an intriguing random box feature. The tank can, from time to time, run over random boxes. This gives the win multiplier an additional boost by 1.2x. In a game where every digit counts, continuously scoring these random boxes becomes a quest in its own right.

Review Summary and Conclusion

Unfortunately, on closer examination, the game’s appeal might not go beyond the feline in the tank. The comical theme and the random boxes can provide a brief respite, but an RTP of just 94.2% fails to incentivize serious play, even with the possibillity of a high x10000.00 maximum win.

The game was released by Onlyplay back on 2020-11-17 and runs on JS, HTML5 technology. It fits the category of ‘Other types,’ and the betting range is set from 1 to 100 in currency. One unique feature includes a bonus game and others like Burst (Crash, Bustabit-like) Mechanic, and Progressive Jackpot.

Final Word

In conclusion, Limbo Cat has its moments of hilarity and intrigue but on the grand stage, it falls a bit short. We’re holding out hope for Onlyplay to step up their game and win us over with their future projects. As it stands, for the Crash game veteran, there are better alternatives. For the hobbyist or the feline-inclined, however, perhaps Limbo Cat may offer just the right amount of amusement.

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