Rhino Hold and Win Slot

Rhino Hold and Win Slot

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As one of the numerous Hold & Win style releases in the online gaming world, it’s crucial to provide something distinctive to capture players’ attention. However, Booming Games’ Rhino Hold and Win feels eerily reminiscent of their previous creation, Buffalo Hold and Win. Essentially, it might appear as a reskin with some slight modifications in the mathematical model and a switch in the lead animal.

Unfolding the Differences in Mathematical Models

Though similar in many respects, a few differences can be noted in the mathematical models of Rhino Hold and Win and its predecessor. One example is the trade-off between a marginally lower RTP (Return to Player) for a slightly higher overall maximum win. The differences are minute with the RTP at 95.87% versus 95.91% for Buffalo Hold and Win. Still, Rhino Hold and Win does offer a higher potential win, with a maximum of 1,200 times your stake, compared to Buffalo’s 1,000 times.

Detailed Features of Rhino Hold and Win

Rhino Hold and Win offers engaging features such as wild symbols and bonus rounds, aiming to keep players’ interest piqued. The wild symbol can appear as a single 1×1 symbol or stacked to cover entire reels, aiding in completing winning combinations. Along with the Hold and Win feature, players can also access a bonus round that removes low-value symbols, elevating the potential for larger wins.

Furthermore, three fixed jackpots add an exciting dimension to the gameplay. With the Mini and Major jackpots offering 25x and 100x your stake respectively, players stand a chance to secure substantial wins during their gaming sessions.

Rhino Hold and Win: A Player’s Verdict

Despite the resemblance to Buffalo Hold and Win, Rhino Hold and Win offers a slight edge with its marginally increased potential win of 1,200x your stake. However, while both games provide high volatility, Rhino’s RTP sits slightly lower at 95.87%.

Overall, both games serve as decent additions to the Hold & Win category. Still, they might struggle to stand out amidst the flood of similar games released each month. Booming Games released Rhino Hold and Win on September 30, 2021, followed by a wide release on October 7, 2021.

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