Shields of Rome Slot

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Shields of Rome Slot

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Venture into the thrilling world of battles and glory with Playtech’s Shields of Rome, a gripping slot game at The game takes you right into the heart of an epic battle for the supremacy of the ancient Roman Empire. Enjoy the immersive experience as you watch troops marching under grand banners, helmets, and shields during the game’s introduction. Amidst the sea of similar slot games, Shields of Rome boasts a few intriguing features that set it apart from its counterparts.

Ancient War Awaits you in Shields of Rome

Set against the backdrop of an intense battlefield, this game spans 5 reels, 4 rows, and includes 40 different ways to win. Allowing you a substantial betting flexibility, you can hedge your bets anywhere between 20p and £500 per spin across all platforms and devices. Unique to this game is a symbol collection feature in the base game, which generously bestows a plethora of wilds on every 10th spin.

Shields of Rome’s main attraction remains its insightful free spins feature. This engaging feature enables you to carve your destiny in the Great War by offering four distinct options. Each of these options comes with a different number of spins, random wilds, and varying volatility (low, medium, or high). The potential to win up to 320 times your stake makes this low variance slot from Playtech a must-try.

A Gameplay Enriched with Exciting Features

Shields of Rome, despite the abundance of similar themed games, offers engaging gameplay with decent entertainment value. The signature bonus features add innovation to the gameplay, making it compelling despite the weak potential. The game’s unique 10th Spin Wild Fire feature adds layers to the gameplay and lends it a distinctive appeal. While this gem on may not rank as a top-tier slot, it does generate a distinct pull for its rich content and accessible gameplay.

Exploring the Battlefield

Savor the rush of historical combat through Shields of Rome, a noteworthy release from Playtech, that stands out for its blend of gameplay features. The slot imbues an ancient civilizations theme, with symbols including a Centurion, Helmet, Shield, Sword, Warrior, Lehyoner, Map, in shades of Red, Rome, and Yellow. At, we value your varied gaming experience, thus providing innovative slots like Shields of Rome for you to enjoy.

A Gameplay Enriched with Variety

Despite the numerous bonus features, Shields of Rome faces stiff competition from other slots. The relatively weak potential may deter some players, yet, the sheer variety and the distinct 10th Spin Wild Fire feature make it worth a try. This innovative feature of the game can help tilt the scales in its favor.


In essence, Shields of Rome is a finely crafted slot game from Playtech that offers an engaging ancient Rome based gaming experience. It might not be the highest-paying game out there, but it promises an enjoyable gaming session filled with interesting game play features like free spins, respins, scatter symbols and wilds. The well-thought-out theme and the unique 10th Spin Wild Fire feature can pique the interest of any casino game enthusiast. After all, not every slot has to have stratospheric potential to be entertaining; sometimes, the sheer joy of playing is enough. Experience Shields of Rome today on, we guarantee the thrill of ancient Roman wars paired with a promising slot experience.

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