Starlight Princess 1000 Slot

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Starlight Princess 1000 Slot

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The thrill and wonder of the night sky paired alongside the mystical allure of an anime princess, has returned once more, but this time with higher stakes and bigger wins in Starlight Princess 1000. Distributed by Pragmatic Play, the game amplifies the experience of the original Starlight Princess, which was launched more than three years ago. This upgraded version doubles down on excitement and offers you a universe of unforgettable play.

Starlight Princess 1000: The New Star in Town

As advancements in casino games continue, expectations rise for more winning possibilities. Rising gallantly to this challenge is Starlight Princess 1000. From first glance, the visuals of the Starlight Princess 1000, swap out with the previous iteration flawlessly, keeping the anime princess immersed in her charming action commentary on the right-hand side of the screen.

The novel addition to this version, which breathes new life into the game, is the 1000x multiplier symbol. With these symbols, your winnings can skyrocket, adding a thrilling aspect to the entire experience. The real highlight here is the continuation of the global win multiplier throughout the bonus round. As you bag wins, the multiplier marches on, aiding in escalating your total wins.

This clone of the original, beefed with added perks, provides a more exhilarating experience, carrying the potential to triple your winnings with its magnificent upgrade of up to 15,000x the stake.

A New Spin on a Classic

The impact of Pragmatic Play’s 1000 series, including the Starlight Princess and its upgrade, the Starlight Princess 1000, is double-edged. On one hand, it breathes new life into the previous installments with more exciting prospects, making the original games appear obsolete. On the other hand, a few players still seem to lean toward the regular version since it offers a more predictable gameplay experience.

However, with Starlight Princess 1000, you can hook onto an x1,000 multiplier symbol, a considerable upgrade from the x500 of its precursor. This, along with the 15,000x potential that supersedes the original’s, surely makes a difference in turning the scales to the upgraded version’s favor.

The Nitty-Gritty

Weighing the nitty-gritty, the Returns to Player (RTP) for both the original and the upgrade stand solid at a reasonable 96.5%. With its bolder and beefier math model, Starlight Princess 1000 emerges as a highly playable release.

Starlight Princess 1000 still includes the popular and exciting features like additional free spins, avalanche, bonus bet, cascade, free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols, and extras such as a Buy Feature. The ‘Pay Anywhere’ and ‘Random multiplier’ features add even more excitement to the experience. The game’s high variance model ensures that bigger wins are possible, further enhancing its appeal to players seeking that big score.


In a nutshell, Starlight Princess 1000 offers a stimulating blend of enchanting graphics and a riveting math model. It is an enticing game that offers more than the original, making it a must-check-out for lovers of slots everywhere. So, why not hop aboard the new star on and let Starlight Princess 1000 take you on an unforgettable celestial adventure filled with winning opportunities of a lifetime.

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