Voodoo Magic Slot

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Voodoo Magic Slot

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Voodoo Magic, a mesmerizing slot game by Pragmatic Play, takes players on a mystical journey filled with intrigue and enchantment. While the game offers a captivating atmosphere and interesting features, the math model chosen by Pragmatic Play leaves something to be desired. Nonetheless, Voodoo Magic still manages to provide an engaging gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the details.

The Enchanting Features of Voodoo Magic Slot

The wild symbol holds the highest value in the game, rewarding players with 12.5 times their stake when landing 5 on a payline. As expected, the wild symbol also substitutes for all regular pay symbols, enhancing your chances of landing winning combinations.

In addition to the wild symbol, Voodoo Magic offers three variations of the bonus round and two reel modifiers to keep you entertained. When you land two scatters on reels 2 and/or 3, a random feature is triggered. You’ll get to choose from two magic potions, each revealing a different reel modifier:

Mystery Curses

This feature grants you a random number of wild symbols and introduces a new win calculation, injecting excitement and unpredictability into the gameplay.

Fortune Hex

The Fortune Hex feature removes all low-value symbols and scatters, replacing them with high-value symbols. This not only enhances the potential for significant wins but also introduces a new win calculation, adding to the overall thrill.
To activate the free spins bonus round, you need to land three bonus scatters on the middle reels simultaneously. Once triggered, you’ll be presented with three playing cards, and your selection determines the type of bonus round you receive. Regardless of your choice, each option awards five free spins, but with varying win guarantees:

Voodoo Free Spins

This bonus round guarantees a win of at least 10 times your stake, offering a solid foundation for potential big wins.

Super Voodoo Free Spins

With this bonus round, you are guaranteed a win of at least 25 times your stake, significantly increasing the excitement and potential rewards.

Mega Voodoo Free Spins

The Mega Voodoo Free Spins provide the highest win guarantee, ensuring a minimum win of 50 times your stake. This feature introduces added Mystery Symbols on every free spin, with a twist. In this tier, the Mystery Symbols transform into one of the four premium symbols, further enhancing the possibility of massive wins.
If you don’t reach the minimum win limit during your bonus round, the game grants you five additional spins until you do. It’s worth noting that non-UK players have the option to purchase the free spins through the bonus buy feature, at a cost of 80 times their stake.

The Voodoo Magic Slot Experience: 200 Spins

After a series of base game spins, we decided to take the plunge and purchase the bonus round. You can witness the triggering of the bonus round at around 0:40 in the accompanying video. We won’t spoil the suspense by revealing the outcome upfront—hit the play button and witness the enchantment unfold for yourself!

A Critical Analysis of Voodoo Magic Slot

It’s unfortunate that a visually appealing game like Voodoo Magic has been let down by its math model, resulting in some disappointing aspects. The concept of a win guarantee should serve as a fail-safe mechanism rather than a mere “cool feature.” However, in the case of Voodoo Magic, the win guarantee is often relied upon to achieve substantial wins, making the gameplay feel somewhat lackluster.

Due to the low value of the symbols, the provided five free spins in the bonus round often fall short, unless players are exceptionally fortunate with the Mystery Symbols. It becomes borderline frustrating when multiple triggers of the win guarantee are required to escape the underwhelming nature of the feature. Additionally, the maximum potential win of 1,000 times your stake feels rather modest for a highly volatile game like this.

Nevertheless, one positive aspect is that players will never walk away empty-handed from a bonus round in Voodoo Magic. The game ensures that even if you don’t reach the minimum win limit, you’ll be granted extra spins until you secure a satisfactory win.

Pragmatic Play, the renowned game provider, has crafted an enticing and atmospheric slot game with Voodoo Magic. Although the math model could have been better executed, the game still manages to deliver an engaging experience with its captivating features and intriguing theme.

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