Wheel of Time Slot

Wheel of Time Slot

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Undoubtedly, Time Travel has always been a fascinating concept, enticing adventure seekers since time immemorial. Evoplay Entertainment has sharp tapped into this uncharted territory of human curiosity with their innovative slot game, Wheel of Time. This one-of-a-kind slot game is more than just spinning reels. It’s about taking players on a unique journey through time, navigating through past, present, and future, to uncover hidden treasures.

The Journey Begins with the Game’s Layout

Evoplay’s Wheel of Time presents a distinct gaming experience. Unlike traditional slot machines, this game utilizes an Orbital-Reels layout. Every spin sends players on a voyage, advancing them further along the wheel of fortune. The visual aesthetics, rich brown and dark blue shades, beautifully capture the essence of time travel.

Understanding the Gameplay

The working principles of this unique game lie in its sectors and bonus scale. Unlike normal slots, the wheel here plays two distinct roles. A keen observer would notice a glow in a stone when the arrow points to a sector brimming with stones. This lights up a spot on the bonus scale situated on the wheel’s right side.

Nonetheless, if the sector is devoid of stones and only populated with multipliers, nothing changes on the bonus scale. Interestingly, the game has a unique gear symbol sector as well, which shuts off the light of the stone.

A straight forward rule herein, the more you invest, the more your progress level. Switching between varying progress levels can be achieved by altering your bet.

Time for Bonuses and Multipliers

The Wheel of Time isn’t just about time travel alone, but also incredible bonuses and multipliers to skyrocket your winnings! The bonus scale accumulates multipliers like x5, x10, x25, x40, and even a jaw-dropping x100. The great news is that your progress in the bonus scale is saved according to the bet level you’re playing at, allowing you to maintain different progress levels on the same game while switching bets.

Technology and Compatibility

Evoplay has brilliantly engineered this marvellous game using advanced JS and HTML5 technology. This ensures a seamless & immersive gaming experience across various mobile devices and desktops. Despite its vast 1000MB game size, the slot runs smoothly without any lags, promising an uninterrupted & enjoyable gaming session.

RTP and Variance

The game is built upon a solid RTP of 96.2%, meaning that players can typically expect a return of around 96.2% on their wagers over long-term play. Though the variance and hit frequency are not specified, Wheel of Time from Evoplay promises fair gameplay to enthusiasts.

Stakes and Betting Range

The game also permits a broad betting range, making it appealing to both low-stake and high-stake players. The minimum bet starts at a modest 0.1$, while the maximum limit extends to a whopping 100$.

Embrace the Wheel of Time

So, are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through time with Real.casino’s detailed review of Wheel of Time? With substantial bonuses, unique gameplay, and a captivating theme, Wheel of Time is a must-try slot game. It’s more than just spinning reels and winning money; it’s about diving into the thrill of time travel, unlocking the secrets of time, and reaping the riches on the way!

πŸ”ŽSCAN Casinos With This Game