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Who is Blue Guru Games?

Blue Guru Games is a gaming software development company that specializes in creating mobile games. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Malta.

Blue Guru Games is known for its unique game concepts and innovative gameplay features, which have helped the company gain recognition as a rising star in the mobile gaming industry. The company’s portfolio includes a variety of games, including puzzle games, casual games, and other types of mobile games.

One of Blue Guru Games’ standout features is its commitment to creating games that are not only entertaining, but also promote mindfulness and well-being. Many of the company’s games incorporate elements of meditation, relaxation, and stress relief, helping players to unwind and de-stress while enjoying their gaming experience.

Blue Guru Games’ games feature colorful graphics, engaging gameplay, and unique challenges that keep players coming back for more. The company is dedicated to creating a safe and fair gaming experience for players, with its games regularly updated and tested to ensure that they meet industry standards.

Overall, Blue Guru Games is a young and innovative software development company that is making a name for itself in the mobile gaming industry. With its focus on creativity, mindfulness, and well-being, the company is well-positioned to continue producing engaging and unique mobile games that appeal to players around the world.

New Blue Guru Games Games

Leprechaun Heist Slot

Leprechaun Heist Slot

Fantasy themes aren’t the only plus to this young developer’s games. Slots can feature up to 243 ways to win and have decent RTP rates of 96% or higher – at least the industry standard level. What should be noted is that their games tend to hover from the medium-high to highly volatile mark. Expect basic free spin bonuses and multipliers in most of their releases.

Blue Guru Games News and Updates for 2023-2024

Blue Guru Games, a relatively new entrant in the casino gaming world founded in 2021, has been making waves with its unique approach to game development. The studio’s game themes are deeply inspired by history, mythology, quirky stories, and spirituality, reflecting the team’s collective passions. They also place a significant emphasis on ensuring that their game audio matches the theme’s period or setting, often using original instruments to enhance the gaming experience.

In 2022, Blue Guru Games experienced what was expected to be a turning point. Liam Mulvaney, the Chief Business Development Officer, highlighted the over-saturation of the global slots market and the necessity for quality over quantity in game development. The studio aims to offer something new to players, focusing on themes of mythology, history, folk tales, spirituality, and esoteric subjects. With a diverse team spread across Europe and Asia, Blue Guru Games prides itself on its creative approach and fun work environment.

One of their recent releases, “Totem Link,” is a testament to the studio’s commitment to high-quality, themed gaming experiences. The game features high volatility gameplay, rich in tribal legend and animal spirits, set in a landscape adorned with colorful totem carvings. The game includes two bonus games and offers players substantial balance boosts on top of base game wins.

Another notable milestone for Blue Guru Games was the launch of their first game, “The Nemean Lion,” which is available through several major operators. The studio, which became part of the LeoVegas Group’s investment arm, LeoVentures, is also eyeing expansion into the US market, aiming to cater to the high demand for quality slot games.

Additionally, the studio’s “Curse of the Mummies” slot game has been recognized for its exceptional audio-visual quality, distinguishing it from typical Ancient Egypt-themed slots. This game was notably showcased first on the Relax Network, underlining Blue Guru’s potential in creating eye-catching and immersive gaming experiences.

Blue Guru Games is clearly focused on crafting games that are not just about gaming but providing a more enriched experience, aiming to stand out in the market with their distinct style and thematic focus. As the portfolio of Blue Guru Games grows, it is expected to demonstrate a clear direction and style, reflecting their commitment to quality and originality in the casino gaming space.